About Us

The Story Begins Jan 2020

Hi my name is Robert Phoenix. I live in Scotland in the UK and I love Coffee.


2019 was a bad year for me Financially and I literally ended up losing everything that I had. Home, possessions and even most of my clothes. I have set this amazing venture up whilst penniless and hope that this can inspire others to do the same and go and make a success from something that they love.


A few weeks before the end of 2019 I had the opportunity to drink some imported Coffee from the USA and it lit up my taste buds!!


I have never tasted such delicious Coffee in my life. I decided to contact the Company and see if they would allow me to use them as a supplier and Retail their entire range of Luxury, Artisan Speciality Coffee and they agreed!!


“Drink Nirvana” is all about INDULGENCE. It’s a luxurious range of Coffee from around the World and you will want to treat yourself to the tantalizing taste bud experience that each and every Individual Coffee will give you. Just like I experienced myself just a few weeks back.


From Africa to South America and some traditional USA Favorites, you can enjoy a World of Coffee with “Drink Nirvana”.


The word Nirvana itself means an Idyllic State or Place and I believe that Coffee Connoisseurs strive for that feeling when they have a cup of Joe.


The Meaning of Nirvana


For USA Customers, the price of every Coffee includes FREE Shipping. International Shipping is also available using USPS and the cost to you will show before you buy.


Consider how much you would pay for a Coffee at a Coffee Bar and you will see that purchasing even the smallest bag of Drink Nirvana is a shrewd purchase.


And finally, 5% of the profit from every sale is going to be donated to help those in need in Africa. More information on that to follow.


I wish you good health & prosperity and also hope you have great pleasure and happiness drinking “Drink Nirvana” in 2020.


Robert Phoenix - Owner of "Drink Nirvana"


Kindest regards,


Robert Phoenix - Drink Nirvana
Email: Contact@DrinkNirvana.Coffee